How come to trust ride-mates?

SeatX shows you information about ride-mates to give an idea about them. We think that ride-mates fall into 3 categories.


  • Already friends

You can see your friends heading same direction with you on SeatX app. Isn’t it lovely to commute to work or school with a joyful friend?


  • Friends of friends

Calculus 101: Friend of a friend is also my friend. Ok, forget about complicated calculus stuff, you may see people with whom you have common friends on SeatX app. If you want to expand your social circle with new friends from school, Office or neighbourhood, SeatX app can help you. You may also have further information about your future ride-mates by asking about them to your common friends. Better knowledge, better trust, and fun.


  • Other Users of TAG-SeatX Community

Be sure that your privacy setting allows to contact with all TAG-SeatX community. You may have further information such as education and work background of users on their profile pages. Even if you have no common friends, this information will help you to choose a ride-mate.


All users in TAG-SeatX Community need to follow some security steps.

  • Mobile phone number will be verified by SMS activation.
  • Facebook login provides social identity.
  • Social security number can be verified. Coming soon…
  • All trips and user messages are recorded in database.
  • Location information of users is recorded in database.
  • Licence plate number is recorded.
  • Users with an unfavorable attitude can be reported to SeatX crew.
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